Django 1.4 Bug?

After spending hours trying to debug why my settings file was not being found I stumbled across this I've found the answer to my question. If you've got an error »

Every now and then...

I generally don't spend that much time on Quora. I do get the emails but I'm just not that interested in the questions or answers for that matter to spend »

PHP 5.5 and JSON

If you find that after upgrading you computer to a distribution that ships PHP 5.5, be aware that you will need to install the json library and enable it »

A Mokocharlie API - Part 2

Last time out I introduced a basic idea for an API, this post will be about the basic architecture of the API framework. I have been listening to and reading »

A Mokocharlie API

After a few years of Mokocharlie creating communities around images, it has become necessary to open up this data to partners who want to provide galleries of their own but »