Web frameworks for Scala

The best way for me to learn a language generally is to build a project using that language. I have decided to start on this Scala journey and so far it's been all theory and very little practice. In any case I have always been a web developer and that is where I would like to stay. So a web project in Scala is naturally the path I would want to go with. I kept stumbling across the Lift framework, I like Lift but it's a bit tricky for me right now at this level and so I will perhaps visit it later.

I then came across the parsimonious Scalatra. I love it it's light elegant and doesn't require you to do too much to get started. I have not used it long enough to say that this is going to be my weapon of choice for any future developments but it's a very strong candidate.

I only just now discovered the Play framework and on first glance it's a brilliant looking MVC framework, honing in on my Zend experience with PHP. It feels like Zend, I have not actually started writing anything in it yet but I am going to attempt a full blown web project in it and see how that goes. Perhaps something for an EC2 instance.